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ReyaCera aims to follow a true knack for research and development; to foresee and act in response to ever-changing demands and elevation in standard of living, structural design, and architectural aesthetic; and to give the precedence to the environment and sustainability by adapting various environmentally friendly ways to produce the ceramic and tile imports and exports goods.

Reycera Type of products

The Collection

ReyaCera is a developing organization in the domain of digital tiles, 3D tiles, vitrified ceramic tiles, large-format ceramic tiles, glazed and polished vitrified tiles and ceramic ware.

We are highly adaptable to follow the most up-to-date manufacturing and printing technologies while producing ceramic and tile products so as to open out our business and manufacture environmentally-friendly ceramic and tiles products to encourage a hale and hearty environment.

Slab Tiles

Full Body,Color Body in GVT

GVT, Floor Tiles

The advantages of being unique:

  • Highly customizable sizes of tiles based on the project requirements
  • Light-weighted and thin profile tiles for several renovation projects
  • Even textured and surfaced, created using the latest technologies
  • Implantation of exceptional slip-resistant technology
  • Easily installable and reliable tiles
  • reliable, thanks to the experience of Reycera Group, that has been supplying this product globally for over 10 years;
  • Wide range of textured, 3D, and architecturally appealing tile designs
  • highest standards in quality and performance, thanks to the use of the best raw materials;
  • Environment-friendly tile products

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