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Sustainable Development

Working towards a sustainable future

Sustainable development

Environmental Sustainability & The Tile Industry

ReyaCera manufactured ceramic tiles and sanitaryware products are designed and created with the ideology of environmental sustainability and each process and technique abide by unmatched quality and eco-friendly features required in the tile industry.

Our maintenance team is focussed on conducting timely checks of our tile manufacturing plants to maintain the high energy efficiency factor to retain the quality of the environment and the produced products.

ReyaCera tiles and sanitary wares manufacturing process is easy going towards energy saving by enhancing energy consumption, reusing techniques by reprocessing the industrial wastewater, regulating the consumption of natural resources, monitoring waste management, and by governing to no toxic substance policy where various ways and techniques are put into practice on a routine basis as a result of highly advanced filtering procedures to reduce the carbon presence and green gas emission caused by the manufacturing process.

ReyaCera is a prime mover for eco-sustainable tile business and has been of assistance to make the tile manufacturing a closed-cycle process.

To keep up with the various environmental quality criteria set by the global tile quality standards, ReyaCera focuses on providing constant learning and tutoring programs and modules to assure agreement with the safety and environmental standards set by the global tile industry.

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