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A complete, versatile range

Ventilated walls

ReyaCera offers a wide range of large-format tile that has become more widely held in recent years because of its aesthetics and adeptness to turn smaller spaces into bigger looking spaces.

The large-format tiles are the best-fit for high-traffic areas in both commercial spaces as well as residential spaces and are installed in outdoors as patio, garden, wall, and paving slabs; though in kitchenettes they are used as backsplash, countertops, flooring and walls; and in restrooms as shower slab and more.

These gauge tiles come in highly customizable rectangular and square shapes.

The Advantages of Large Format Tiles

  • Unprecedented opportunities to enhance spaces and to make the surfaces easy to clean.
  • Always lighter and can be moved more easily.
  • Capable of supporting cutting and perforating being carried out with the appropriate tools.
  • Easily handle and install large format tiles in complete safety.
  • Excellent combination of aesthetic and technological performance.
  • The large stoneware slab has a clean, uniform appearance due to the absence of joints.
  • Increase the energy performance of a building to which large slabs are applied.
  • Possible to introduce slight and elegant variations on a single material.
  • They can achieve absolute continuity on a surface and significantly reduce cutting and joints.
  • The large format tile represents not only continuity and homogeneity but also new opportunities and variations.

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